Remote Support

Remote support is available to all new and existing clients. It can be provided in many situations as long as the computer is able to turn on and successfully connect to the internet. This software allows us to access your computer and perform the repairs or maintenance no matter where you are in the world. We do so after your permission, of course. Unsure if remote service is an option for your repair? Give us a call at (614)-859-0312 or contact us via the contact page.

Remotes Support Services include but are not limited to: PC Tune Up, Virus Removal, Printer Setup/Installation, Software Installation, Router Security Setup, Anti-Virus Installation/Update, Custom Configuration, Software and Windows Error fixes…

** Before each remote support session, a pre-paid support plan is required. Billing is calculated in 30 minute increments rounded up. Your pre-paid time does not expire unless used up during support. We will keep track of unused support time in your customer asset notes. By appointment only. A pre-paid support plan payment is required before the remote support session begins. We accept PayPal, Credit Card/Debit Card: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. If paying by cash or check, we must receive your payment before any remote support is performed.
** A high-speed Internet connection is required.

When instructed by a technician, follow the instructions listed below; To get connected to a remote support agent:
1. Download the Remote Support program. Click here to download the Remote Support program.
If asked to allow the download, click “Yes” or “Save“.
2. Once the file has downloaded, run the program.
If asked to allow the program to run, click “Run“, “Yes” or “OK“.
3. When the program starts, click the “Start” button on the “Allow Remote Connections” tab.
4. Provide the “Your ID” number and “Password” to your technician.
5. When prompted, you will need to allow the technician to access your computer by clicking on the “Allow” button.
6. ModulaOne Network will now be able to remotely control your computer.

If you are trying to request support and have not yet talked with a technician, please call us at (614)-859-0312 or visit the contact page.

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